Community Samaritans feed record numbers
with Christmas Project distribution
Pastor Ron and Deanna Shifley represented the "dream" of Merge in
December when the Spencerville Community Samaritans served a record
83 community families during the food pantry's Christmas distribution on
Dec. 11. Pastor Ron and Deanna assisted in stuffing the food boxes,
working at the registration table, and distributing cartons of eggs provided
by the West Ohio Food Bank.
On Dec. 13 Pastor Ron and Deanna
also helped out at the Community
Samaritans' first ever Christmas party
for food pantry patrons that was held
at the Spencerville school.  There they
assisted other area pastors and
spouses in serving a meal to
residents.  Pastor Ron then dressed
up as the real  St. Nicholas to entertain
the kids in attendance wearing a costume that Deanna had designed for
the event.  The pastors served nearly 50 area residents at the party.  
Churches participating in the Christmas party included Merge,
Spencerville Friends Church, Spencerville Church of the Nazarene, Trinity
United Methodist Church and Allentown United Methodist Church.

Pastor Ron currently serves as president of the Spencerville Community
Samaritans food pantry.
Merge raises funds for Spencerville CROP Walk
Pastor Ron represented Merge at the 2009 Spencerville
Area CROP Hunger Walk raising $260.00 for the event.  
In all $1,649.03 was raised by particpating churches with
75% of the funds going to Church World Service, 15%
to the Spencerville Community Samaritans food pantry
and 10% going to Loaves & Fishes feeding ministry in
Wapakoneta to provide local and global hunger relief.

Churches particpating in the 2009 CROP Hunger Walk
included Buckland UCC, First Baptist Church, Merge, Spencerville UCC,
St. Patrick's Catholic Church and Trinity United Methodist Church.