He is married to his wife, Deanna.  They have one daughter, two cats and a dog.
He earned his B.A. in English & religion at Heidelberg College in 1992, and his Master of
Divinity at
Christian Theological Seminary in 1996.
He was ordained into Christian ministry  in 1996 and in  2008 received ministerial standing
within the
Evangelical Association of Reformed & Congregational Christian Churches  
where he serves on the national Web Ministry Team.
His  interests include camping, website design, photography, dartball, softball, bowling,
painting, watching NHL hockey, attending
Alive Christian Music Festival, listening to music
and studying the portrayal of religious themes in rock music.
Favorite praise songs: "Lord Reign In Me," "Live Out Loud," "Follow You," "How Great
Is Our God" and "Blessed Be Your Name."
Favorite foods: chocolate ice cream, pizza, corn on the cob, fried shrimp at Cheddars,
McDonald's cheeseburgers and French fries and Deanna's home made chocolate chip
Favorite TV shows of all time: "Dukes of Hazard," "Houston Knights, and "Moonlight."
Favorite hockey team: Columbus Blue Jackets
Favorite baseball team: Indianapolis Indians
Favorite basketball team: Indiana Pacers
Pastor Ron Shifley
Favorite movies of all time: "Star Wars," "Lord of the Rings" and "Kingdom of Heaven"
Favorite current TV shows: "Numb3rs," "The Simpsons" and "American Idol."
Pastor Ron is the Vision Design Pastor of Merge.
Favorite football team: Indianapolis Colts
"Ron has a passion for those on the other
side of the stained glass."
- Rev. Gary Bowman, EA National Minister
Favorite hymns:  "Amazing Grace," "Holy, Holy, Holy," "He Lives," and "Here I Am, Lord."
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