:The Catacombs :: From Underground Hide-out to Teen Hang-out
:: The Catacombs :: Origins
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Legend has it that from the time Emperor Nero started persecuting Christians in Rome in
A.D. 64 until Emperor Constantine made Christianity a legal religion in A.D. 313, Christians
used The Catacombs, underground cemertaries near Rome, as a safe place to hang-out,
worship, and just be themselves.

The Catacombs of Rome are the inspiration for The Catacombs in Spencerville as an
underground safe hang-out where teens can escape life for awhile and just have fun, relax
with friends, make new friends, and hang-out with some really cool Jesus followers.

Pastor Ron had been dreaming about starting a ministry like Catacombs for about 10
years before he helped launch it in 2003.  Catacombs immediately caught the attention of
regional news outlets including
The Lima News and NBC Lima TV-35.  

One of the earlist symbols of
Christianity came from Christians living
in Rome who etched the symbol of the

on the walls of the Catacombs to
signify where they were secretly
meeting for worship.

The Greek word for fish, "
icthus"  was
used by the Early Church as an
acronym meaning "Jesus Christ God's
Son Savior."

It was during this time of persecution,
around A.D. 150, that the Early Church
in Rome wrote the
Apostles Creed to
express their  Living Faith.
Check it out for yourself!
After all of the media coverage, Catacombs became the hot spot for teens in the
Spencerville area to hang-out on Friday nights.  On certain nights over 100 youth would
attend.  Teens came to Catacombs from Spencerville, Delphos, Bath and  Shawnee
school districts.

Catacombs shut it's doors at Spencerville UCC in March 2008 shortly after Pastor Ron
ended his pastorate there.  Yet, his vision for Catacombs and his passion for serving
teens and families living in the Spencerville area did not end.  In fact, it was part of the
impetus for beginning to design a new type of church.  Through the sponsorship of  
Merge, The Catacombs will rise again.

In February 2010 a planning team was formed to re-launch Catacombs.  The planning
team is currently raising funds to secure a facility to house Catacombs in the future.
YouTube video footage purchased from WLIO NBC 35 TV Lima.
304 S. Pearl Street
Spencerville, OH 45887