Touch Your World
Our purpose... to expose people to God's love,
... to
experience a Living Faith...
around the block
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Imagine a new type of church that moves the concept of  
being "church" outside of the box and into the streets, to
merge our living faith with the real world right in the heart
of the Spencerville community.
Around the Block Impact Projects
Merge will provide a multitude to ways to impact our world around
the block right here in Spencerville.  Here are a few of the ongoing
projects that you might want to get involved with:

The Catacombs

Catacmbs will be our signature outreach ministry to teens.  It will be
held on Friday nights during the school year and provide local
youth with a safe and fun place to hang out with friends while being
an entry portal into erperiencing the Church and Christian faith.

Holy Grounds Café

During weekdays, the facility we utilize for Catacombs will be open
to the public as a non-profit coffee house.  There people from
around the community can gather for a cup of cappuccino or
coffee, fresh baked cookies, sandwiches, soup and more.  Holy
Grounds Café will provide a Christian atmosphree for people to
mingle with friends from breakfast through the afternoon.

Spencerville Community Samaritans

Merge will be invloved with helping fight hunger in the Spencerville
area by helping out the local food pantry with food drives, monthly
food distributions, the Angel Tree clothing drive and the Community
Samaritans Christmas party for patron families.

Spencerville Area CROP Hunger Walk

Merge will be an active participant with Spencerville's annual CROP
Hunger Walk.  This community-wide mission project raises funds to
help fight hunger locally and around the globe.